The Tarkine

A relic from the ancient supercontinent

The Tarkine is the largest tract of unprotected wilderness in Tasmania. On a global scale, the Tarkine contains one of the world's most significant remaining tracts of temperate rainforest, second only in size to those in western Canada. A relic from the ancient supercontinent, Gondwanaland, the Tarkine rainforest exists largely on the 'Arthur Lineament'. This is the most extensive basalt plateau in Tasmania which still retains its native vegetation. Temperate rainforest is the rarest of the rainforests, and more highly threatened even than tropical and subtropical rainforests. The Tasmanian Tarkine, with its rugged coastline, grand and wild rivers, waterfalls, plateaus and cave systems, is truly a unique ecosystem of international importance.

Your home at the edge of the rainforest

At the Tarkine Wilderness Lodge, our promise to you is that we will give you the experience of a lifetime and allow you to soak in the joys of this Tasmanian jewel that is the Tarkine, without disturbing this delicate ecosystem, or endangering any of the creatures within it. Our Lodge functions on renewable energy and our tours are low-impact. Our aim is to leave the smallest ecological footprint possible. We will gently guide and support you so that you can enjoy the serenity of this paradise without the worry of causing damage or disruption to the environment.